Prague Jewish Cemetery: Working on a Historic Treasure

In my last blog article, I provided some background information on the world-famous Prague Jewish Cemetery, and on some of the various attempts to document it. In today’s post, I will discuss my own efforts.


An Important Effort

For a variety of reasons, the Prague Jewish cemetery is particularly important to the study of Jewish genealogy and history. In spite of this, not much is generally known about the individuals comprising the historic Prague Jewish community due to the often insurmountable difficulties of the source material.

Working on a Historic Treasure: Prague Jewish Cemetery Part 2

My past two blog articles have dealt extensively with the Prague Jewish Cemetery. In the first one, I gave some detailed background information about the cemetery as well as the most important efforts to document it. In the second, I began to explain my process of working with these records. In this blog, I will share the rest of the process as well as some hints of the amazing things I hope to get out of these efforts.


Prague Jewish Cemetery: News from the Trenches

In my last few articles, I described a large project on the Prague Jewish Cemetery I am undertaking in conjunction with E. Randol Schoenberg. I am happy to report that this exciting project is ongoing and that I am making solid progress. As of November 2019, I am approximately 30% through the 420-page Popper manuscript, with more entries added every day. I am also making fascinating discoveries—stay tuned to my Virtual Museum page to learn about some of the more remarkable people I have uncovered.